If you ever have a long layover at the Inchon airport, check out their free city tours.  The airport offers several tours from one hour to five hours, and getting out of the airport and going on a tour can actually make a layover enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a small and functional wallet, “The Ridge” is the way to go.  Securely holds cards and cash, perfect front pocket wallet!

You can find out more here: RidgeWallet

My first month with the Nexus 5x and Project Fi, and after a few minor phone number porting issues, I’ve had very good service.  I’ve used the phone for two plus weeks in the Philippines, and call quality to/from US was excellent.  Data was 3G, but I was on WiFi most of the time.  Unlimited and free txt makes it easy keep in touch.  The 5x performs well for my needs and use.  When I travel, I use a second phone with local SIM, so the 5x was not in constant use, and the Doze feature on Marshmallow worked well; battery use is very low when the phone is not in use.   The finger print reader is amazing…fast and very accurate.  Highly recommend the 5x and Fi.